Govt bans 8 YouTube Channels including 1 from Pakistan for spreading Fake News – All You Need to Know

Govt Bans 8 YouTube Channels: Union Government has banned 8 YouTube Channels including 7 Indian and 1 Pakistani Channel for spreading Fake News and Disinformation. The YouTube news channels have been blocked under IT Rules, 2021 as per the official release shared by the government. Accordingly, the content was covered within the ambit of section 69A of the Information Technology Act, 2000. The official notice issued by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has said that the ban on these channels has been imposed for “Fake anti-India content was being monetised by the blocked channels.”

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Why has Govt Banned 8 YouTube Channels?

The official press release shared by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has banned 8 YouTube Channels for spreading fake news and disinformation. The information shared by these YouTube Channels is about critical topics and issues including India’s “National Security, Foreign Relations and Public Order.” The presser also notes that misinformation being spread by these YouTube Channels was with the sole purpose of spreading hatred among religious communities in India.

The press note shared by Information and Broadcasting Ministry also adds that a few videos published by these YouTube Channels also make fake claims about government policies and other decisions. One such claim made by the content being published on these YouTube channels is regarding the government ordering demolition of religious structures and banning of religious festivals. Such content creates religious disharmony and public disorder leading in the country. In response to this, the Government has decided to ban these YouTube Channels.

How did YouTube Channels Spread Fake and Hate inspiring Content?

The key reason for these YouTube Channels having such high viewership and subscribers is because of the sensational content and fake thumbnails. The 8 banned YouTube Channels used images of prominent TV Anchors and known personalities as well as Logos of Registered TV channels to garner views. Furthermore, based on the sensational content and thumbnails, these channels were also monetizing the content by displaying advertisements.

List of 8 YouTube Channels Banned by Indian Government

The 8 YouTube Channels banned by the Indian Government today for misinformation have a total viewership of 114 Crores. Over the duration of their active operations, these channels altogether have garnered 83 Lakh, 73 thousand subscribers as well. The complete list of banned YouTube Channels notified today is given below:

Channel Name



Loktantra TV


12.90 Lakh



10.20 Lakh

AM Razvi


95,900 Thousand

Gouravshali Pawan Mithilanchal


7 Lakh



33.50 Lakh

Sarkari Update


80,900 Thousand

Sab Kuch Dekho


19.40 Lakh

News Ki Duniya (Pakistan Based)


97,000 Thousand


114 Crore

85 Lakh, 73 Thousand

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