Educational researches have shown that teachers actions in their classrooms have twice the impact on student achievement as do school policies regarding curriculum, assessment, staff congeniality and parent involvement. The quality of teacher-student relationship is the keystone for all other aspects of classroom management. A ASIS “the intuitive class management techniques ensure that each classroom is the ‘favourite haunt’ of the class second to none, not even the playground.

1) Rotational Seating Arrangement

The students at ASIS feel a strong sense of attachment and belonging to their classmates, class teachers and classrooms. It is truly their ‘ home away from home’. This is because the classroom is owned by them in the best possible way. They are responsible for each and everything present in the the class whether it be teaching equipment, furniture or any electrical facility.

► At ASIS there are neither ‘backbenchers nor front ups.

► Students are seated according to a rotational system which makes each one sit in the front as well as the back.

►No child is made to feel sidelined or ignored by being made to sit in a separate corner or back seat